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...dealing with cave explorations, subterranian lakes, rivers and sea, 3D-photos, disguises, hanggliding, scate-sailing, vintage motorcycles, veteran tractors, 4WD, travelling around, mountain and volcano climbing, walking on lava, desert sands and on the moon, under-water-photography, wreck-diving, lots of fish, wild-growing orchids, etc. - trimmed with some extraordinary woodcarvings
Vreiko Cave *** NEW ***
a visit to and into the Thripti mountains
Pefki - Makry Gialos - Ierapetra - Lasithi - Crete - Greece
Caves of Franconian Switzerland
a journey to and into the german Karst - "cave-hiking": a visit to 50 caves within one week
Franconian Switzerland - Upper Franconia / Middle Franconia - Bavaria - Germany
Koukouri Cave
at the lake below the Maquis shrubland
Koukouri Cave - Inner Mani - Laconia - Peloponnese - Greece
a spiderlike descent into "Goldpit"
Goldgrube 1867/3 - Unterberg - Gutenstein - Lower Austria - Austria
Jewel of the Renaissance
Florence - Tuscany - Italy
Katafygi Selinitsas - Warm Passages
close encounter to a crystallized sphere
Agios Dimitrios - Exomani - Peloponnese - Messinia - Greece
Katafygi Trachilas
fortress and refuge
Trachila - Exomani - Peloponnese - Messinia - Greece
Katafygi Vatsinidi
skindiving into a subterranian sea
Kardamili - Peloponnese - Messinia - Greece
"Trockenes Loch"
a journey to subterranian rivers
"Trockenes Loch" 1836/34 - "Nasses Loch" 1836/19 - Schwarzenbach a/d Pielach - Lower Austria - Austria
Ice @ Lake Neusiedl
ice skating on a steppe lake
Lake Neusiedl - Burgenland - Austria
Rakov Škocjan
upon and beneath rock bridges - natural tunnels connecting sinkholes
Krajinski Park Rakov Škocjan - Unec - Slovenia
dancing on a stratovolcano - crossing lava deserts and Laurisilva forests - watching whales - submarine diving to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean
Tenerife - Canary Islands - Spain
Serenissima - journey to a waterworld
Venice - Italy
Greece - Peloponnese
walking on ancient roads - inside gigantic fortresses - climbing the Prophet - close encounter with an cristallyzed underworld
Arcadia - Argolis - Corinthia - Laconia - Messinia - Achaea - Ilia - Peloponnese - Greece
Panoramic views
Mani - Taigetos mountains - Peloponnese - Greece
Katafygi Selinitsas
The "Last Refuge" inbetween stalactites, stalacmites, cristals and excentrique helictites - A journey down to the underworld of Kataphygi
Agios Dimitrios - Taigetos mountains - Exomani - Peloponnese - Messinia - Greece
A journey down to a frozen underworld
Frauenmauerhöhle 1742/1 - Hochschwab - Alps - Styria - Austria
Total Solar Eclipse 2006 March 29
Great Total Solar Eclipse decorated with a halo
N 36°48,78' E 31°19.11' - Çolakli - Antalya - Turkey
Oman - Two weeks in the Sultanate

Over mountains and through canyons - into the desert - walking on moon - at green waters - within fortified walls - impressions of fascinating people and spectacular landscapes
Sultanate of Oman

The "King Cruiser" - Scubadiving at the wreck of the "King Cruiser"
length 86 m - width 22 m - 30m below surface - scubadiving at the wreck of the "King Cruiser" escorted by shoals of baracudas and lionfishes
N 7.8017 E 98.6430 - Andaman Sea - Thailand
Andaman Impressions
Cristal-clear water - shiny colors - perfect camouflage - deadly poisons - teeth like razorblades - photos out of the coralreef
Phi Phi Islands - Similan Islands - Andaman Sea - Thailand
Phi Phi Islands-Paradise Lost
At December 26, 2004 disaster struck. Tsunami-waves devastated the island and took 2000 human lifes there. In memory of the white sandy beaches - bizarre lime-stone cliffs - orchids and palmtrees - dragons and flying snakes - Kingfishers and Plumerias - in memory of our holidays in paradise
Phi Phi Islands - Andaman Sea - Thailand
Phi Phi Hill Resort
[ Phi Phi Hill Resort mirror ]
Phi Phi Don Islands - Andaman Sea - Thailand
Help International Phi Phi
Please help the victims of the Tsunami-disaster
Scate-sailing with the "Eisdrachen"
65 mph on scates - driven by the power of winds go as fast as you dare - scate sailing at frozen lake Neusiedlersee
Burgenland - Austria
Hanggliding at the "Hohe Wand"
30 miles southwest of Vienna - 30 ft wingspan just above the shoulders - 1500 ft of air below the feet - warm southerly winds in the face - soaring with the falcons
N 47.83020 E 16.04642 - Lower Austria - Austria
"Reichraminger Hintergebirge"
In the realms of the eagle - tranquill mountains - vivid streams - dusty railroad tracks and tunnels - mountainbiking at the edge of national park Kalkalpen
Reichraming - Lower Austria - Austria
Winter at Mallorca
Wild mediterranean coastlines - rotten windmills - ageless olivetrees - mountain villages in golden sunlight - lighthouses - blue and stormy seas - masterpieces of architecture - narrow roads for non-vertiginous drivers
Island of Mallorca - Baleares - Spain
With the eyes of a giant into the 3rd dimension - midgetistic and giantistic stereophotography for the naked eye (no shutter, red-green-, light-dark-, polarizing spectacles, glasses, goggles, stereoscopes etc.)
The art of woodcarving - Johann Gramanitsch
Captains and pirates - Venus and Neptun - shamans and Buddha - Maria and Christ - St.Michael and the Saints - masterpieces made of limewood - (text in german)
Wild Orchids of Vienna
One would hardly believe that more than 15 species of wild growing orchids can be found within the borders of Vienna or at a maximum distance of 20 km of it.
Puch 250 TF
Shiny new luster on 50 years old chromium, steel and aluminium - Puch 250 TF - "the" austrian motocycle classic
Lanz Bulldog
2 liters hub - one piston - 20 hp - roaring, pounding steel, half a century old - Bulldog Lanz Ackerluft - the legendary tractor is still alive
Gols - Burgenland - Austria
Bockerer III - The Bridge of Andau
Out and about together with Karl Meerkatz in a 40 years old outfit at the Austrian-Hungarian border - bit-playing at the set of the movie "Bockerer III - Die Brücke von Andau"
Burgenland - Austria
The stork and the snake
How to fly with a snake ... (comments in german)
Illmitz - Burgenland - Austria

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